Schizoaffective Disorder

This is a short, free, 2 hour non-accredited training, facilitated by Tara Kent, who is an Industry Professional with extensive qualifications in human services, disability, law, education and is an Allied Health Professional (Developmental Educator).
Once this course is completed, the participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance of the ‘Schizoaffective Disorder’.

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Schizoaffective disorder is a mental health condition.

It is a combination of symptoms of schizophrenia and mood disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Symptoms may occur at the same time or at different times.

This course covers:

  • DSM V Diagnostic Criteria
  • What does it look like
  • Common treatment
  • How should I respond as a worker?
  • Examples of more complex situations
  • Verbal de-escalation techniques
  • Schizoaffective disorder and verbal de-escalation

How do I complete the training?

The training is facilitated in a zoom (pre-recorded), which can you watch as many times as you like. There is a PDF booklet which includes learning information and a written version of the key information that Tara discusses in the zoom video. There is a short, multiple choice assessment at the end of the training (after you watch the zoom), which allows you multiple chances to demonstrate your skills.  

Please note: A copy of the questions asked in the multiple choice assessment at the end of the training is provided in the downloadable learning guide. Please be mindful of these questions as you watch the zoom, to enable you to complete this correctly when attempted.

I am a registered NDIS provider who gets audited. Will this training be sufficient at audit to prove we meet our duty of care requirements?

Many organisations use our training and have successfully demonstrated their duty of care using this training in an Audit. However, training alone does not demonstrate duty of care, so this training alone, would never be sufficient to meet audit requirements without follow up, reinforcement, policy and procedure pathways supporting the training and good quality assurance systems. In short, Instinct Au is a registered NDIS provider and has successfully used this training to meet audit requirements on multiple occasions, but each organisation must take responsibility for this themselves.