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ND Conversations

ND Conversations is the term we’ve coined to the conversations that our Acceptance, Authenticity and Autonomy Practitioners are willing to have with those who believe it might add value to them or support the next stage of their journey. Acceptance, Authenticity and Autonomy Practitioners are aptly named due to following this Triple A Framework promoted in research by Autistic Theorists such as Dr Melanie Heyworth, current CEO and Founder of Reframing Autism.

Our Practitioners come from a range of backgrounds with varied qualifications. However, they are all neurodivergent themselves, most of them identifying as Autistic and ADHD (“AuDHD”). ND Conversations is not counselling, and ND Conversations is not psychology. ND Conversations are two neurodivergent people chatting, with the aim of supporting the acceptance of self, promoting a person’s right to be autonomous and asserting and discovering who we are authentically. This means that the conversations can include reciprocal sharing, story-swapping, or simply planning and list-making regarding methods of reducing executive dysfunction in one’s own lives. A key area which is often chosen for discussion is unmasking. Unmasking relates to the process of understanding who your authentic self is, after identifying you’re autistic and removing some of the masked layers that have been applied as a method of likely self-protection.

ND Conversations can also be used to help participants understand concepts such as Monotropism, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, Reward Deficiency Syndrome, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Autistic Inertia, Masking, Camouflaging, Autistic Burnout and be able to relate it to their lives, their actions and their choices.

How much does ND conversations cost?

*Please note NON NDIS client services attract GST

ND Conversations is usually self-funded by participants but can be claimed under NDIS as either ‘other therapy’ or based on the qualifications of the person providing the service, if it aligns with their professional responsibilities which accompany their qualification. This can be discussed with each person to work out the best way to fund this in each individual circumstance. ND Conversations is currently only offered using zoom (over the internet/video chat) and can be provided at a rate of $150.00 per hour (+GST for non NDIS clients $165.00).

ND Counselling

In our work with neurodiverse populations, we use a holistic approach that considers your sensory profile and individual needs. Our therapy sessions will help you develop coping strategies, build resilience and self-esteem, and develop skills for functioning and overall well-being. Our goal is to empower you to feel safe and grounded within yourself and the world around you so that you can thrive in your life.

We recognise and embrace the uniqueness and complexity of neurodiverse individuals. We understand that neurodivergent people process information differently and may face different challenges in their daily lives. Therefore, we adopt a neuro-affirming and strength-based approach that focuses on identifying and building upon your strengths, resources, and abilities. Accredited Counsellors, able to bill under the NDIS Counselling line item, who provide warm, relational support that you lead and only cover experiences, thoughts, and situations that you’re comfortable covering. Counsellors are keen to help you thrive by deepening your understanding of how you respond and managing Autistic and neurodivergent experiences. Our accredited Counsellors and Social Workers facilitate our Counselling sessions: Jason Stuart, Rosanna Quick and Alex Hogg (Social Worker). Therapy is provided over Zoom, in-person and Eco psychotherapy (by arrangement with your counsellor)

How much does ND counselling cost?

*Please note NON NDIS client services attract GST

ND counselling can be billed at as per NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2022-23 or privately for 50-minute sessions with a Counsellor at $156.16 (+GST for non NDIS clients $171.77) or a Social Worker $193.99 (+GST for non NDIS clients $213.39).

*Please specify in your enquiry form if you would like a counsellor or social worker*

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

DivergAntz Collective can offer Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy as part of our service to clients.

Janine Hogg is an accredited Social Worker with specialised training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and approaches her practice through a neuro-affirming lens.

What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR therapy is a contemporary approach to mental health treatment, focusing on the unique process of eye movement to facilitate the processing of traumatic memories. Established with the goal of aiding healing from trauma and distressing life experiences, EMDR was first clinically investigated in 1989. Subsequent research has demonstrated its effectiveness, often achieving results more rapidly than many traditional methods. Unlike conventional therapy, EMDR does not necessitate a detailed discussion of distressing issues. Instead, it concentrates on altering the emotions, thoughts, or behaviours stemming from a traumatic experience, enabling the brain to recommence its natural healing process.

Who Can Benefit from EMDR Therapy?

EMDR is applicable to a broad spectrum of individuals, including neurodivergent adolescents, teenagers, and adults of various ages who have experienced traumatic events.

How much does EMDR cost?

Initial session 90 minutes $290.98 (+GST for non NDIS clients $320.08)

Additional sessions are 50 minutes – fees are charged at $193.99 per hour (+GST for non NDIS clients $213.39).

This service does not attract a Medicare or Private Health Insurance rebate. As such a GP referral is not required. This service is claimable for NDIS participants.

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