Diagnostic Assessments

DivergAntz Collective provides comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment Reports and Confirmation of Diagnosis for Autism and ADHD by a multidisciplinary team of Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers, and Developmental Educators. Our assessments meet the NDIS and QLD Education requirements, enabling participants to access additional support within each framework.

Key Benefits

NDIS and School Support: Apply for NDIS funding or school-based support upon confirmation of diagnosis.

Detailed Reporting: Receive a thorough assessment report, even if NDIS or school verification is not required.

Our Preferred Diagnostic Tool: MIGDAS-2

Focus: Identifies sensory needs and behavioural patterns common across Autistic children and adults.

ND Affirming: Considered ND affirming by the Autistic community and preferred over ADOS by many Autistic adults.

Post-Diagnosis Benefits: Helps clients become more aware of their sensory needs, enabling them to make or request accommodations.

Our Clinicians

  • Tara Kent: Developmental Educator, trained in ADOS-2 and MIGDAS-2.
  • Janine and Alex Hogg: Accredited Social Workers, specialising in MIGDAS-2 for Autism.
  • Louise Williams: Clinical Psychologist for final confirmation of diagnosis.

Diagnostic Assessment Process

*Please note NON NDIS client services attract GST

Online Application: Submit personal information and existing reports.

Access to our online portal: Login to complete online assessment tools. (MIGDAS-2 assessment for Autism and Connors for ADHD).

Initial Consultation: One-hour Zoom/Teams meeting with a clinician.

Assessment Session: Conducted face-to-face or via Zoom, depending on the diagnostic tool used.

Report Compilation: Detailed report prepared by our clinician.

Confirmation: Final review and verification by Dr. Louise Williams.

Total Cost: $1,592.76 (+GST for non NDIS clients $1,752.04)

Additional Services

We offer comprehensive support to our clients, aiding them through multiple stages of their journey.

Carer’s Allowance Application Assistance:

3 hours, $214.41 per hour (Psychologist) (+GST for non NDIS clients $235.85). Total Cost: $643.23 (+GST for non NDIS clients $707.55)

PTSD Assessments:

Our PTSD assessments are specifically designed for the neurodivergent community and are conducted by our experienced clinical psychologist, Dr. Louise Williams. The evaluation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s condition, taking into account the unique challenges and experiences faced by the neurodivergent community.

The Assessment is completed by our Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Louise Williams.

The fee for this service is 5 hours for an assessment, including a report and confirmation of diagnosis.

Price: $214.41 per hour x 5 hours (+GST for non NDIS clients $235.85)
(Total cost: $1,072.05 for the complete assessment) (+GST for non NDIS clients $1,179.25)

Important Note

Diagnostic Services are not claimable with Medicare or Private Health funds, we therefore do not require a GP referral.

We cannot complete the NDIS Access Request form for you, but we can guide you through the Phone Access Request process with NDIS representatives.