Cognitive Assessments

Do I need a Cognitive Assessment?

Cognitive Assessments can be used for a number of reasons. Some of these could include:

  • You need to be assessed for a learning disability (eg. Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia or Dyslexia) and a Cognitive Assessment is required to rule out other conditions, such as intellectual impairment.
  • NDIS may request a Cognitive Assessment be completed.
  • School may have requested a Cognitive Assessment regarding observations or difficulties noticed in the school environment.
  • You may want your child to be able to access special or modified schooling and require a Cognitive Assessment to evidence the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of your child.
  • You may be struggling with functional capacity yourself and want to have a Cognitive Assessment to understand the areas of learning and information processing which you may need additional help with.

Who can do a Cognitive Assessment?

Cognitive Assessments are usually completed by Psychologists but can sometimes be completed by other professionals in some circumstances. Please make sure you check the purpose of the Assessment and ensure that the Practitioner facilitating the assessment has the right skill set and/or qualifications for what you need.

What is involved in a having a Cognitive Assessment completed?

Cognitive Assessments require testing of skills, information processes, knowledge and capacity across a range of domains. The Assessor is likely to ask some questions, have some discussions, and ask you to perform some tasks. This could involve tasks regarding comprehension, numbers, words, problem-solving, or information processing. The Cognitive Assessment often includes analysis or consideration of other information and/or any other previous assessments completed, and any diagnosis or interventions which you’ve trialled.

How much is a Cognitive Assessment?

*Please note NON NDIS client services attract GST

We charge $1072.05 (+ GST for non NDIS clients $1,179.25) for a completed Cognitive Assessment. This includes a session (usually face to face) with our Clinical Psychologist at our Pimpama clubhouse. Other locations may be possible, but only by consultation. Other locations will depend on Clinician availability and may incur additional wait times.

After the face-to-face consultation, which includes the testing, the Clinical Psychologist will prepare a report with her findings. This will be provided to the client after payment has been received.

What if I need to have an assessment regarding a specific learning disability, such as Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia or Dyslexia?

Assessing for these learning disabilities requires an additional assessment on top of the Cognitive Assessment. We have a Specialist Educator who is qualified as a Registered Teacher, Developmental Educator and Specialist Behaviour Practitioner (non-ABA) who is able to facilitate this additional assessment. This can be completed AFTER the Cognitive Assessment and cannot be done unless a current Cognitive Assessment has been completed. This assessment costs an additional amount of $969.95 (+GST for non NDIS clients $1,066.95).

If you require assessment for a specific learning disability, you will be required to have a Cognitive Assessment first at a cost of $1000, then an Educational Assessment at a further cost of $969.95 (+GST for non NDIS clients $1,066.95). This means the total cost is $1969.50 (+GST for non NDIS clients $2,162.16).

How do I request a Cognitive Assessment be completed on me, or someone I’m referring?

Please click on the button below to complete the following referral/request for services and we will be in contact.