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What makes you an ND Affirming Service Provider

          • I'm a neurodivergent (auDHDer) clinical psychologist who offers professional psychology services via telehealth.
          • I use neuro-affirming language, and actively avoiding using terms such as ‘red flag’, ‘deficit’, ‘abnormal’, ‘risk’, or ‘disorder’
          • I use a strength-based approach, highlighting key positive traits and unique gifts that are deserving of consideration
          • I use of a trauma-informed approach, given that many ND adults have post-traumatic stress symptoms
          • I'll encourage someone to fidget, move their body, stim, remove shoes, sit comfortably, allow their eyes to go where they want to go, wear comfortable clothing, take breaks, and so on
          • I see people from their lens, not my own
          • I see autism and ADHD as a disability, and not as a disorder
          • I firmly believe that we are different, and not less, and that all brains are beautifully unique

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I provide a range of professional psychological services including 1:1 therapy for adults, professional supervision, autism and ADHD assessments, and workplace consultancy services. My key interest area is supporting late identified autistic adult females/AFAB (assigned female at birth)/gender diverse neurokin. I'm also interested in trauma (using EMDR), and chronic health issues.

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I’ve been a registered psychologist for 20 years.I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology. I’ve worked in private practice therapy for the past 10 years, and I have supported neurodivergent adults for many years. I look forward to connecting with you soon :)

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