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What makes you an ND Affirming Service Provider

* We are committed to learning, growing and changing as we learn more about Neuro diversity affirming practice
* All therapy provision is guided by the goals set BY the family and client, family centred practice is our guiding philosophy
* We have a true commitment to learn from Autistic people
* We champion all our autistic clients to understand their own identity and advocate for their needs
* Our therapy aims to change the environments and provide support to the people around our clients to have their sensory needs met
* We believe strongly in searching deep for the meaning behind any "behaviours" and love Ross Greene's model of collaborative and proactive solutions

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0431 558 393

Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Dietician, Therapy Assistant

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DivergAntz Collective
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If you have had an experience with this, or any of our providers which makes you believe they do not operate in an ND Affirming manner, please click here and send us a message with details.

Services provided in the DC Community are primarily based on public opinion and self promotion that these services practice in an ND Affirming manner. DivergAntz Collective has not conducted any assessments, nor reviewed any of these service providers and cannot confirm or deny if they do operate in an ND affirming manner, unless stated as such. Please use this list at your own risk.