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Every member of the Neurodivergent Empowered team is also Neurodivergent themselves, which we think is crucial in empowering our clients and their Carers to understand & love their authentic selves. We also received 16/18 on the Neurodivergent-affirming quiz you provided - only falling short due to resources available to us at this point in time due to the current size of our business, but we will be getting to 18/18 very soon!

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We create safe spaces for neurodivergents & their carers to understand & love their authentic self ♡ We do this through our 'Wolfpack' Friendships Programs, Carer Empowerment/Education Programs and 1:1 Supports.

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Our Facilitators are referred to as “Water Carriers”, as every one of them are Neurodivergent themselves and has overcome adversities and risen from their own ashes (and all been through our own Empowerment programs), carrying buckets of water for those that come after them.

Our business isn’t about therapy… it’s about EMPOWERMENT. As per our Phoenix logo, it’s about rising from any ashes you have and returning to your happiest, healthiest self - for both Neurodivergents and their Carers, and for empowering the next generation of Neurodivergents to not have to face the same adversity that we did by allowing them to embody and love who they authentically are.

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If you have had an experience with this, or any of our providers which makes you believe they do not operate in an ND Affirming manner, please click here and send us a message with details.

Services provided in the DC Community are primarily based on public opinion and self promotion that these services practice in an ND Affirming manner. DivergAntz Collective has not conducted any assessments, nor reviewed any of these service providers and cannot confirm or deny if they do operate in an ND affirming manner, unless stated as such. Please use this list at your own risk.