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I practice in a neurodiversity affirming framework which means I affirm my clients identity, strengths, and needs, and do not view my clients neurotype as a 'deficit' or 'flaw'. As an autistic and ADHD social worker, I am continuously reflective on ableism and how we can internalise ableist beliefs and expectations. I support clients through validating their struggles, celebrating their strengths, and advocating for change. I continue to access supervision with a neurodivergent clinician and engage in training and literature from the neurodivergent community.

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I am a social worker who works with both teenagers and adults. I have expertise in a range of mental health concerns but specialise in working with trauma and neurodivergent or LGBTIQ+ individuals. This includes Autism and ADHD. I also have specialty in body focused repetitive behaviours such as hair pulling and skin picking. I am passionate about gender and neurodiversity affirming therapy, supporting people to explore and embrace their identity and strengths. This can also include building strategies to assist with executive functioning. I have particular interest in co-occurring mental health conditions and neurodivergence. I have lived experience of being neurodivergent and a member of the LGBTIQ+ community. I have worked in a variety of settings including youth health, education, and residential care. I am widely versed in supporting adolescents and adults who are impacted by family violence, substance use or involved with the child safety and justice systems. I am currently completing further study, pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

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I am an individual clinician at The Practice Psychology and do not represent the practice or other clinicians who may work within the practice.

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