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The Neurodiversity Clinic is a neurodiversity affirming practice as we understand that variation in neurotypes is normal and simply a reflection of the variety of all sorts of traits that exist in people and in nature. We address the challenges presented to clients by some neurodivergent traits while also discussing the strengths of other traits. Staff have lived experience of neurodivergence in themselves and/or those close to them. We aim to create an inviting and safe space for all.

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0404 116 273

Assessments for adults over age 15, and therapy for children and adults who are neurodivergent (diagnosed or self-identified)

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If you have had an experience with this, or any of our providers which makes you believe they do not operate in an ND Affirming manner, please click here and send us a message with details.

Services provided in the DC Community are primarily based on public opinion and self promotion that these services practice in an ND Affirming manner. DivergAntz Collective has not conducted any assessments, nor reviewed any of these service providers and cannot confirm or deny if they do operate in an ND affirming manner, unless stated as such. Please use this list at your own risk.