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I strongly believe that the ssp is far more attuned way of working with AuDHD community. My social work clinical supervisor specialises in this field. I have years of experience working with some clients struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder and whose journey included some difficult experiences for them, so I know all too well, you have to be at the person’s level to understand why they may act a certain way. Im all about building capacity.

I have a family that has specilist support coordination for 2 autistic persons with complex support needs. They have the specialist behaviour funding- my goal is to put a ssp clinician in to provide that therapeutic approach. Im all about being sentive towards people's sensory needs.

My first austic adolescent client got a welcome wellness pack. This didn't include a bunch of information- it was filled with sensory engaging and stimulating stuff. Too me, it's important to see what works based on what we know about our austic community members.

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Specialist support coordination, support coordination and recovery coaching. We also provide Social work consultation services.

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