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What makes you an ND Affirming Service Provider

I think many things. I have a lived understanding of the impact of emotional regulation and sensory experiences and that all brains and people are unique. I do not pathologise or use language that conveys this.

  • I make a lot of accommodations for sensory issues, lights, heat, fidget toys, sounds in both session and waiting areas
  • Often sessions are directed by my client and I meet them where they are at that day and also dynamically throughout the session
  • I do not use any approach that is not neuroaffirming e.g ABA, and anything else that deems ND differences wrong or pathological
    I often use things to triangulate eye contact - some of my clients naturally do not like direct eye contact (including myself)
  • Having lived experience - I know the difference between burnout and depression - and what can lead to both (for example, masking, camouflaging), so the treatment approach for depression vs burnout can be radically different! For example - it’s ok to socially isolate when you're overwhelmed as an ND!
  • I work with ND folk (it’s actually easier for me bc we are on the same wavelength), on their unique strengths and from a strengths based perspective. I don't view their differences as deficits but differences and working from acceptance and compassion
  • All my clients goals are theirs not mine or any one elses for that matter
    Where needed we work on self advocacy skills - which are often under developed when clients come to me and they have been misdiagnosed and “failures of a system"
  • Other skills like relationships, coping - bc living in a NT world is tough for us
  • Im not trying to fix anyone - it’s about celebrating the differences, compassion and learning how to thrive in a NT and often intolerant hostile world.

Ive probably forgotten stuff - bc a lot of this I think comes intuitively. I have an autistic and ADHD children and I parent them in similar ways. So practicing in this way comes naturally to me.

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If you have had an experience with this, or any of our providers which makes you believe they do not operate in an ND Affirming manner, please click here and send us a message with details.

Services provided in the DC Community are primarily based on public opinion and self promotion that these services practice in an ND Affirming manner. DivergAntz Collective has not conducted any assessments, nor reviewed any of these service providers and cannot confirm or deny if they do operate in an ND affirming manner, unless stated as such. Please use this list at your own risk.