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TecAntz is a neuro-affirming program which aims to support children to attain their personal capacity building goals and to provide methods of self regulation as a tool to help children develop coping strategies to manage the world and their body. TecAntz clinicians and therapy assistants use sensory-based and brain-based interventions which don’t push or direct children, but instead offer them a safe platform to learn what their body needs to feel regulated and be included (when they want to be included). TecAntz provides neurodivergent led therapies which use self-directed play as a foundation of helping children to understand their individual needs and learn how to establish their own body, self and environmental awareness in various situations, environments and amidst a variety of social, sensory, and environmental expectations. TecAntz practitioners are led by Neurodivergent clinicians who respect the right and need for little people to have environments which are specifically tailored to their sensory needs and understand the desperate need for hyperactive brains and bodies to explore, be loud and be active! TecAntz environments are set up to respond to frequently changing diverse needs of competing sensory profiles and high-energy children and young people. We take ND Affirming very seriously and listen to Actually Autistic voices and all Directors are AuDHD themselves :)

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TecAntz is a TEC and DivergAntz collaboration, developed to provide your Autistic &/or ND child with access to a multidisciplinary team of allied health experts, all wrapped up into one fun, play based, child led therapy program with their peers - that they will love. Our dynamic, affordable therapy model is based on safe play; allowing our children to be who they are - without being forced to mask. We foster confidence and self acceptance, simply by allowing our children to play with their neuro-kin in the safety of our sensory friendly Clubhouses, with professional staff on hand that understand their needs.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: TecAntz partners with Instinct for access to Specialist Behaviour Practitioners. If your child has Improved Relationships Funding and needs a Functional Behaviour Assessment and/or Positive Behaviour Support Plan completed, please let our staff know - we are here to help. ALL SERVICES ARE NON ABA and fully ND Affirming. Specialist Behaviour Practitioners use neuroscience and sensory-based strategies, not compliance, coercion, or desensitisation therapies of any kind.

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